Jerold Johnson web RGB 72 DPI MB1_4514v1c1aMeet Jerold Johnson, Owner of Senior Financial Group

When Jerold Johnson started Senior Financial Group in Knoxville more than 30 years ago, his aim was to fill an under-served niche in the East Tennessee community, but he also in a vastly different way than his competitors. Now SFG sells more Medicare than anyone else in East Tennessee. More than 10,000 Americans sign up for Medicare each day, and Johnson says, “everyone assumes—including most insurance companies—that those policies need to be similar, but here we recognize that everyone is in a unique situation”.

Johnson has made sure his approach and philosophy have carried through to the rest of the company by hiring and retaining Benefit Specialists that are trained to offer personalized help so clients can choose the right path. “We tailor their plan without concern for our commission or which insurance company they wind up with.”

Johnson explains “we create a stable environment at Senior Financial Group so that next year you’ll be working with the same Benefit Specialists as this year.” A personal relationship is essential in the ever-changing health care environment. “Every year, companies and plans change,” says Johnson. “They’ll send you a 78-page booklet that you have to read through to find out what’s different. But we do that for you and are always on the lookout for ways to save you money.”