Enrolling In Medicare Part D Can Save You Money In 2018!

Senior Financial Group Can Help You Avoid The Common Mistakes When Enrolling in Medicare Drug Coverage


Q. Isn’t there just one Medicare Drug Plan?

  • A. Most states have more than 30 Medicare Part D drug plans available. These plans vary in terms of monthly premiums, whether they have deductibles, which drugs they cover and in what tier, and how much they charge as co-pays for each tier. Some plans may also cover medications at a lower cost during the Coverage Gap or “Donut Hole.” The plans can also vary in terms of quality ratings as well as which pharmacies are in their network, which pharmacies are Preferred Pharmacies that offer lower co-pays and whether they offer a mail-order pharmacy at lower cost.


Q. What if I choose the wrong coverage plan?

  • A. Choosing the wrong plan for your specific medication needs can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars extra during the course of the year. We assist you in identifying which Medicare Part D Drug Plans will provide your medications at the lowest overall annual cost to you at the pharmacy you prefer or method of delivery you choose. We have access to the government’s Medicare Part D database which, once we enter your medications, it will provide a report showing which drug plan will cost you the least as well as specific details on your cost per drug per month.

If you would like us to help you find the right drug plan for you please email us at info@sfgmedicare.com. We look forward to helping you in this process.