Real Life Examples

Meet Mr. Smith

Mr. Smith came to an educational event held at a local doctor’s office. He has been Medicare eligible for a few years but just resigned from his position a few months ago. He had group health coverage with this company. Mr. Smith is also a retired Navy Veteran of 7 years. He did not know what he should do and how the Veteran’s Administration would help. He was paying $850/month for he and his wife.

Result: He wanted something that would allow them to travel and stay with family that lived all over the United States. He wanted to pick the best that he could afford and not have to keep fooling with it. He was not eligible for any Veteran’s benefits or assistance because he was not injured during the service and made too much money. He picked a Medicare Supplement and a part D plan. Their health insurance premiums including Medicare Part B were reduced by $242 per month.

Meet Jan

Jan was a neighbor of one of our agents, Marc Nieman. She knew that Marc sold health insurance and asked him some questions about how to get covered. Marc learned at their meeting that Jan was paying $50 per month to be a member at the YMCA. Jan was ecstatic when Marc showed her a plan that covered Medicare Part A, B, and Part D with a low monthly premium and predictable low out-of- pocket costs. Jan has had her plan for 2 years and is so happy.

Meet Mrs. Jones

Mrs. Jones was hospitalized for a stroke at a local hospital. Mrs. Jones lived in a tourist town (Pigeon Forge) and had home health orders. Her insurance allowed her to choose from several different home health agencies but due the concern of heavy traffic and the orders that the doctor had written for her care, every home health agency in the area refused to take her case. Her personal advocate at Senior Financial Group called the hospital case manager and the social workers at the various home health agencies. After several phone calls over a few hour period, her advocate found an agency who was willing to take her case.

Meet Mr. Frederick

Mr. Frederick arrived that the pharmacy and learned that somehow he no longer had Medicare Part D coverage. Mr. Frederick was frantic because he needed his medications and could not afford the $238 it would cost him to pay cash. Since Mr. Frederick purchased his Medicare Part D coverage through Senior Financial Group he called us immediately. Our personal advocate was able to call and speak to his Pharmacist and explain how Mr. Frederick could receive his medication at no charge. As the SFG Advocate explained to the Pharmacist, the Pharmacy would be reimbursed for the drug cost through LI Net Program. Mr. Frederick knew that his advocate at Senior Financial Group was a life saver.


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