I am Eligible for Medicare, What Do I Do?

Contact the Benefits Administrator at you and/or your spouse’s current and/or former employer

  • Find out if you need Part B of Medicare?
  • Will you have a health plan available to you from your current or former employer?
  • How will enrolling in Medicare coordinate with that coverage?
  • What about dependents that are covered under your current plan?
  • When and how should you cancel your current insurance to coordinate with Medicare?

  1. Enroll in Medicare Part B (best time is three months before you turn 65) -You can enroll at social security, online, by telephone or in person.
  2. Find an agent that specializes in Medicare Options and represents multiple health plans to assist you in understanding how Medicare works & your options.
  3. Read the “Medicare and You,” publication from Medicare (available online or by calling Medicare).
  4. Learn the difference between a Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plan.
  5. Learn what is NOT covered by Medicare.
  6. Understand how Medicare Part D works. 
  7. Plan for handling costs that are above and beyond what your health plan covers.


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