Doing Medicare Differently

When it comes to your health, experience matters.

For more than 30 years, Senior Financial Group has been driven by hard work, continuous education, and commitment to building and sustaining relationships which allows us to have a greater understanding of all the intricacies of health insurance, as well as our clients’ concerns.

One of the benefits of working with an independent agency like ours is the confidence in knowing that you are being made aware of ALL your options, not just the one that may be most beneficial for the company. Our Senior Financial Group advisors will help you save money by selecting the best coverage with the lowest rates and utilizing any available government programs for which you may be eligible. Our team will go the extra mile every time.






Don’t let your financial peace be disrupted by choosing a plan that’s not right for you. We will serve as your personal advocate and help you make sense of it all!

If you are interested in discussing your options, our team provides free consultations in-home or at our office in Farragut. We also offer free Medicare seminars held at Summit Medical Group’s corporate office. If you’re interested in attending a seminar or scheduling an appointment, call us today at 865-777-0153 or submit an appointment request for your free Medicare consultation.