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Increase retention by providing access to increased healthcare coverage

Why being Medicare savvy matters to your business...
and to those you serve.

When it comes to future solvency, healthcare planning is a major part of the overall financial puzzle. We want to empower your clients to be well-informed when it comes to their Medicare planning and fully aware of all the coverage options available to them.

Partnering with Senior Financial Group to be your Medicare resource will help prepare your staff, patients, and/or clients for major health issues and cover significant costs down the road. We want to be an extension of your services and a reliable resource that helps those you serve navigate the Medicare process.

At zero cost, we offer:

  • Medicare education, enrollment assistance, and special election guidance.
  • Annual Prescription drug plan reviews.
  • Money-saving plan comparison shopping during annual enrollment.
  • Peace of mind by helping beneficiaries select a secure and comprehensive Medicare plan.

Partnering with us to be your Medicare expert gives your organization an extension of services so the people you serve can avoid costly healthcare disasters in the future.  

We can also help empower your workforce to be Medicare Advocates. Learn more

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