Your Guide to 2019 Medicare Annual Enrollment Period

It’s Time

Medicare’s Annual (also known as Open) Enrollment Period is HERE. From October 15th through December 7th, Medicare beneficiaries are in the most advantageous window for health insurance options without switching penalties.

This time frame requires you to take a good, hard look at your current coverage and decide whether or not your benefits, network, and costs are still working for your lifestyle.

A couple things to consider…

  • Are your health needs changing?
  • Do you need extra help paying for your prescription drugs?  

From year to year, many Medicare plans change. You should have already received information from your current provider explaining any changes to your benefits and coverage (see below for a list of the 4 most important Medicare pieces to look out for in the mail).

Step 1

After reviewing your updated plan notice, decide whether or not you need to look into new options. Remember, this open enrollment window allows beneficiaries to change plans without penalties, so it’s okay to change plans!

Step 2

Comparing your options is the next step to AEP/OEP success. Medicare highly recommends that you take the chance to get personalized help. That’s where our team at Senior Financial Group comes in. All of these different plan options can be confusing and overwhelming. Our team consults with nearly 1,000 Medicare beneficiaries each month about their coverage options.

Our agents are professionals that can utilize plan finder and comparison tools with ease and further advise you based on your individual circumstances. They will discuss various benefits of each plan and how you can make the most of your Medicare coverage by being fully aware of your selection and it’s future impact.

Step 3

Our team of licensed insurance advisors can go over your medications, doctors, and more with you to make sure you are on/or choose the best plan for you. We represent all of the major health insurance carriers so that we can best assist navigate different plans’ networks for you.

Step 4

Your advisor will then complete your enrollment application with you and get your new plan all set! Our helpful and knowledgeable staff will help complete your paperwork and are available for any questions you may have. Our office staff is available Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM EST.

Don’t procrastinate! Be sure to give us a call before December 7th.

You can schedule an in-home, in-office (we’re located in Knoxville), or over-the-phone consultation to review your Medicare options and benefits available to you this coming year. Seeking professional help can give you a more thorough examination of your options and potential benefits with less effort on your end.

Give us a call this Medicare enrollment season!

Make your health a priority by choosing the best plan for you!

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