Why You Need Dental, Vision, and Hearing Insurance

Dental Insurance, Dental, Vision, and Hearing Insurance

Why Have Dental, Vision, and Hearing Insurance?

Let’s talk about ancillary products for a minute… We often talk about Medicare Advantage and Supplement plans, but what about the parts Medicare does not cover?

It’s hard to imagine such a robust program like Medicare doesn’t cover dental, vision and hearing, but it’s true! Neither Original Medicare nor Medigap (aka Medicare supplement plans) covers these three critical categories, and most Medicare Advantage plans offer limited to no coverage. Your oral health, vision, and hearing are especially important as you age, as these areas can be a good reflection of your overall health.

For instance, a simple oral exam can uncover signs of heart disease. Glaucoma, the leading cause of blindness, could be detected through a routine eye exam, which would be covered by Dental, Vision and Hearing insurance. It’s been proven that your vision is a good indicator of the condition of other parts of your body.

The Smart Choice

Enrolling in a Dental, Vision, Hearing plan in addition to a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plan ensures that you have maximum flexibility and convenience when it comes to your coverage and care.

Many people face large, unpleasant out-of-pocket expenses before realizing they are lacking coverage in these areas. These unforeseen situations can be painful, inconvenient, and very expensive. It is also common to find yourself becoming increasingly dependent on optometrists, ophthalmologists, audiologists, etc. as you age! Consider this… Medicare, unfortunately, does not pay a dime toward hearing aid costs, which can range from $1,500 – $4,000!

Here at Senior Financial Group, we offer Dental, Vision and Hearing coverage that won’t break the bank and can help enroll you in a plan to take effect immediately. This coverage is the perfect add-on for your Medicare insurance.

Plan Details

  • No networks (you choose your provider)
  • Claim payments based on actual charges
  • Affordable premiums
  • Guaranteed issue (no stress over being approved)
  • Preventive services in year one
  • Routine dental, vision, and hearing exams and more
  • Family rates
  • Issue ages: 18-85
  • And more

Don’t worry! When it comes to your dental, vision, and hearing, we can help you purchase an affordable policy with the flexibility and transparency you deserve. Our team has the very coverage we sell, so we, too, are customers and understand how you feel. Simply email us or give us a call at 865-777-0153 to get the most comprehensive coverage for you and your family!



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