Do you need help applying for TennCare?

If you need help applying for TennCare, Senior Financial Group is here for you!

This month (March 2014), nearly all 1.2 million people on TennCare will be re-evaluated according to the new eligibility system in a massive “re-determination.”

Instead of going to your local Department of Human Services, completing a paper application, making an appointment with a case worker and having a one-on-one screening, you are directed to and DHS has a computer kiosk on site.  Applicants must apply online.  It can be a hassle to find your way from there.  A state contractor Tennessee Health Connection can help, and so can we.

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Tennessee was on of 27 states that chose not to create its own marketplace and defaulted instead to the federally run marketplace.  Because of that, TennCare must closely interface with, accepting applications filed there, gathering tax information from the IRS and passing rejected TennCare applications over to the federal marketplace, among other coordinated efforts.  Kate Harrison of the Times Free Press report on 1/5/2014, the changes require a complete overhaul of technology and services.  The state committed $35.7 million $32 million of that is federally allocated money to a 3 year contract with global cybersceruity contractor Northop Grumman.  They are working a new system – “Tennessee Eligibility Determination System,” or “TEDS.”

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