National Grandparents’ Day 2018


This Sunday, September 9th is National Grandparents’ Day. At Senior Financial Group, many of our clients and employees alike cherish their roles as grandparents. We enjoy taking a moment to celebrate those who make a profound impact on our community and the lives of others.

A little history…

Congress named the first Sunday after Labor Day as Grandparents’ Day in August of 1978. Then-president Jimmy Carter signed the proclamation into existence which became possible after Marian McQuade’s efforts to cultivate appreciation for senior citizens in the 1970s.

This day has an official song, Johnny Prill’s “A Song for Grandma and Grandpa,” and a flower, the forget-me-not.

The purpose of National Grandparents’ Day…

This special day is to both recognize and honor our family members that serve as grandparents; it is a time to show love and appreciation for their help, guidance, and impact they have on our lives. Grandparents serve as a vital role in the education of youth, as leaders to pass down valuable principles, and, oftentimes, a safe place to turn for comfort and encouragement.

Ideas to celebrate…

Many grandparents just enjoy spending time with or having a quality conversation with their grandchildren. If you are able to visit your grandparents, consider doing something together on Sunday like baking, taking a walk at the park, and sharing a memorable story from a time you spent together.

Senior Financial Group loves our grandparents…

“My grandmother was very proud of her family – her two daughters, her two granddaughters, and her two great-grandchildren. Four generations, from my grandmother down to my daughter, all attended the same college. Here is a picture of the four generations. Her name was Mary Belle Mahn Hedrick, and she was a teacher.

– Lynnette

“I have been so blessed to know three of my grandparents throughout my lifetime. Each of them have been such wonderful teachers to me – all patient, loving, and encouraging. They’ve instilled in me a love for traveling, fitness, and, most importantly, family. My grandfather, Werner, is an avid Zumba class-goer here in Knoxville. On Valentine’s Day this past year, he brought me flowers to work. Such a sweet moment I’ll never forget.”

– Meghan

“I aspire to be as spunky, fun, and lively as my grandmother one day!”

– Tarran

“Our grandkids fill our hearts with so much love and joy. They are so much fun and my wife, Emma, and I are so proud to be their grandparents. We think they are PERFECT.”

– Marc

“With Rahdona and I, family is our focus. Our children are blessed to be connected to their grandparents. Their future depends on strong family ties!”

– Jason

“My grandmother raised me and is the reason I work in this profession. She was brilliant. Watching Alzheimer’s affect her everyday life and decision-making was heart-wrenching. Fortunately, she appointed me to help with her insurance and financial decisions, which ultimately lead me to realize how vital it is to have an expert handling those matters. Now every time I help a customer, I consider them as important as she was to me and I guard their best interests as if they were my family.”

– Heather

“I truly believe that grandparents have such a huge effect on children’s lives. I absolutely would not be who or where I am today without my grandparents! Some of my fondest memories are shared with them.”

– Katherine


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