Land or Sea – A New Senior Living Option


A New Senior Living Option

A recent trend of senior citizens living on cruise ships after retiring has received attention like in the case of Mario Salcedo. Sixty-seven-year-old Mario Salcedo took his first cruise 20 years ago and has been hooked ever since. Many are following in his footsteps after considering that there can be more benefits to a life of cruising as opposed to living in an assisted living facility.

Due to the growing popularity of this potential lifestyle, several cruise lines are developing permanent residences available for purchase by passengers. For most, the appeal of cruising is being able to travel around the world while having most everything they could need and want at their fingertips. Cruise goers say that they enjoy seeing the world while simultaneously relaxing. Others enjoy the plethora of activities available to them. However, the cost of living on a cruise ship could potentially be more expensive than assisted living.

According to The New York Times, the average annual cost for an assisted living facility resident can range anywhere from $36,000 – $72,000. In the same article, it stated that Mario Salcedo spends on average $65,000 a year, booking cheaper rooms so that he can maintain his lifestyle. Of course, it depends on the room you choose or the cruise line, but many find that even if the cruise price is greater than assisted living and nursing home costs, the benefits outweigh the price. Among these benefits available to guests are unlimited food, social opportunities, and various activities on board– anything from shows to scuba diving. Carnival Cruise lines offer a variety of activities such as art exhibitions, Bingo, cooking demonstrations, and more.

Many have chosen to sail through their retirement. Personally, I would feel torn if I had to choose. If I were in a position where my level of needed care exceeded what an assisted living facility could provide, I would more than likely choose to live in a nursing home. However, if I could still independently perform daily living activities, I feel like the general care provided to passengers on a cruise ship would be enough for me. Honestly, as long as I could get up and to the buffet, I would be perfectly happy.

If you choose to spend your retirement traveling the world via cruise line, we wish you the best and want to hear your stories! Let us know if we can help with a Medicare Supplement that will cover you abroad (see more here). However, if you do not find the cruise life fitting for your long-term needs, we can help afford and recommend local assisted living facilities with similar amenities.

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This article was written by Paris Johnson.

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