Long-term Care

Why do I need Long-term care insurance?

Long-term care insurance (LTC or LTCI) is an insurance product that helps pay for the costs associated with long-term care. Long-term care insurance covers care that is generally not covered by health insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. Here are some good statistics.

As of 2018, it was estimated that 47 percent of men 65 and older will need long-term care during their lifetimes.

Assuming you are still in good health and eligible for coverage, financial advisors state that the optimal age to shop for a long-term care policy is between 60 and 65. Couples, however, may want to look into it five years early.

Another option is a policy that combines life insurance with long-term care coverage. With a hybrid policy, you can access the death benefit—the money that your beneficiaries would receive when you die—while you are still alive to pay for long-term care.

Contact us to learn more about your options and if this is right for you and your family.

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