Senior Financial Group Announces Partnership with Do Your EPIK

Knoxville, Tenn. – Knoxville bicyclist John LaMacchia is proud to announce the launch of Do Your EPIK, a 4,200-mile bicycle ride across the United States, presented by Senior Financial Group. This epic journey, inspired by his first transcontinental journey in 1980, is not only a remarkable physical challenge but a powerful call to action for healthy living and charitable giving. Now at age 65, John is taking on this challenge again with a new perspective on life and a desire to inspire others to live an active lifestyle at any age.

Starting on June 28th, John will embark on his second cross-country ride, traversing some of the most breathtaking and demanding terrain as he pedals his way across the country from Anacortes, Washington to Boston, Massachusetts. This journey will undoubtedly challenge his strength and willpower, pushing him to new heights both physically and mentally. Along the way, he will be stopping in various communities to share his story, talk about the importance of physical activity and healthy living, and raising awareness and funds for Knoxville organizations, including Thompson Cancer Survival Center, Cerebral Palsy Center and Pedal for Alzheimer’s.

“Cycling across the United States is no small feat, and we at Senior Financial Group are proud to support Do Your EPIK and its mission to empower people of all ages to live life to the fullest,” said Jerold Johnson, President of Senior Financial Group. “This extraordinary undertaking serves as a beacon of our core principles: a firm commitment to others, unflinching determination, and unyielding resistance. We extend our warmest wishes to John LaMacchia on his journey and eagerly anticipate the transformative impact that it will have on our community.”

The goal of Do Your EPIK is to inspire others to set and achieve their own epic goals, to push beyond their comfort zones, chase one’s dreams and “finish well”. By demonstrating that anything is possible with determination and vision, John hopes to empower others to make a positive change in their own lives, find their purpose, and to make a difference in the lives of those around them.

The success of Do Your EPIK’s transcontinental bike ride and its ongoing charitable initiatives would not be possible without the generous support of loyal supporters and sponsors, including Senior Financial Group, Harper Audi, Eddie’s Health Shoppe, Keystone Mortgage, K Brew, Endurance Lab and more.




About Do Your EPIK

Do Your EPIK is a 4,200-mile bicycle ride across the United States that aims to promote healthy living and raise awareness and funds for Thompson Cancer Survival Center, Cerebral Palsy Center, and Pedal for Alzheimer’s. Inspired by his transcontinental journey in 1980 at the age of 22, Knoxville bicyclist John LaMacchia will be embarking on his second ride at age 65. Beginning on June 28th, John will depart from Anacortes, Washington and arrive in Boston, Massachusetts in mid-September.

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