The 4 Best Podcasts for Seniors


What is a podcast?

As we mentioned in 3 Reasons to be a Tech Savvy Senior, a podcast is a digital audio file available on the internet, often organized by episodes in a series similar to a television series. It’s like listening to a TV show or radio segment, but episodes are available when it’s convenient for you! Many people enjoy podcasts while driving their daily commute, cleaning the house, exercising, etc. since it allows you to stay active while listening.


How do you listen to a podcast?

There are several ways to find and listen to podcasts, and luckily most podcasts are free to listen to! To find a podcast, try Apple Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, or Overcast.


The 4 Best Podcasts for Seniors

  1. Stuff You Missed in History Class

Produced by “How Stuff Works”, Stuff You Missed in History Class details the interesting cultural and social historical events and facts that are simply never taught in the classroom. To get started, listen to the episode Civil War Spies: Allan Pinkerton.

This podcast is for you if: History was your favorite subject in school.


  1. Lux Radio Theater

If you remember the old line “Ladies and gentlemen, Lux presents Hollywood!” then this is the perfect podcast for you. Originally a radio show produced in the 30s, 40s, and 50s, Lux Radio Theater adapts plays and films with actors like John Wayne into a radio show turned podcast.

This podcast is for you if: You miss old time radio.


  1. Freakonomics Radio

Steven Dubner and Stephen Levitt, authors of best selling book “Freakonomics”, now co-host the top-rated podcast for adults and seniors, Freakonomics Radio. These authors discuss the way economics apply to every aspect of life and why it’s important to understand they way it works into everything from healthcare to pop culture.

This podcast is for you if: Socioeconomics fascinates you.


  1. Serial

Saving the best for last, Serial is one of the most famous and thrilling podcasts ever created. With over 40 million episode downloads, Serial tells the story of Adnan Syed who was arrested for the murder of his ex-girlfriend in 1999. Maintaining his innocence since the very beginning, Adnan still holds true to that almost 20 years later. We don’t want to give you any spoilers, but only 7% of Serial listeners think he’s guilty.

This podcast is for you if: You love crime shows.

Let us know your thoughts about podcast in the comments below! Make sure to share your favorites with us.

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