SFG Client’s Remarkable Transformation

Dwayne Linger holding an old shirt of his!

By the summer of 2017, Dwayne Linger had reached a breaking point. Already on disability, Dwayne weighed 387 pounds and was confined to the parameters of his oxygen tank, unable to complete even the simplest task without tiring. Tired of missing out on the everyday spoils of life, Dwayne turned to his doctor to find out what options were available to help him lose weight and begin a healthier lifestyle. His doctor immediately recommended lap band surgery, a procedure that consists of placing a band around the top of the stomach with the intention of decreasing food consumption. Dwayne knew that this procedure was what he needed in order to begin his weight loss journey, but was deterred by the cost of the procedure.

That’s when Dwayne turned to Senior Financial Group agent Josh Humphreys for help. After speaking with Dwayne and learning about his health and monetary concerns, Josh helped Dwayne apply for a LIS or Low-Income Subsidy and MSP or Medicare Savings Program. With Josh’s help, Dwayne not only received financial help from both LIS and MSP, he was also enrolled in the United Health Care Dual Eligible Special Needs Plan. Then Dwayne got the news he had been hoping for- UHC approved him for the lap band surgery that would change his life forever.

Since the procedure, Dwayne’s life has changed dramatically for the better. With a total weight loss of almost 200 pounds, Dwayne now weighs in at 189, and that number is still shrinking. He’s gone from a size 5XL shirt to a medium or large, dropped almost 13 pant sizes, and even started wearing a size 8.5 shoe instead of his normal 10.5. He’s even been able to drop his daily medication count from eight to just two, cutting out all of his heart, cholesterol and blood pressure pills. Best of all, Dwayne no longer has to rely on his oxygen tank to get him through the day.

Without the extra weight on his shoulders, Dwayne now has the freedom to do everyday tasks without restriction. On any given day, he can easily be found mowing his lawn or cleaning out his gutters, things that would have left him literally breathless before the lap band surgery. Humphreys’ support and guidance through the insurance system helped to ensure Dwyane a long life with his family and friends and begin his new journey to a healthier and happier lifestyle.

To learn more about Dwayne’s story, watch this clip from WATE-TV: https://www.wate.com/news/positively-tennessee/programs-help-east-tn-man-get-lifesaving-surgery/2025270857?fbclid=IwAR0BHtNg_g6s_Ulax6V9zfYffq2k3wCwakUEEfx9hBzz2jzWTkCOtFfZsEw

Lori Tucker of WATE-TV talking with SFG agent, Josh Humphreys and SFG client, Dwayne Linger.

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