Assisting Your Parents With Medicare

Assisting Parents with Medicare

Are you helping your parents unravel the complexities of Medicare? Many of our clients have come from concerned and proactive children helping their parents find the best, most suitable coverage. We appreciate your careful attention and willingness to help your family. Let us serve as a trusted resource for you.

Here’s Why It’s Valuable to Work With Us

Choosing a Medicare plan can be confusing and overwhelming. Here at Senior Financial Group, our agents act as a support system for seniors in East Tennessee (as well as multiple states across the country). If you help your parents with the process of choosing and adjusting their Medicare plan, we understand how stressful that can be. SFG is here to make the process simple and easy.

Our insurance advisors make in-home appointments to allow time to sit down with you and your parents and assist in choosing the best plan for their needs in a space that is comfortable for you and your family. (We even offer FaceTime and Skype appointments!) All of this is at absolutely no cost to you. Our agents are Medicare experts who are able to provide an unbiased perspective in order for your parents to receive the best coverage possible.

Here’s What We Can Do For Your Parents

  • Find the best-fit plan for their needs by knowledgeably using the Plan Finder tool. Our agents do this several times daily.
  • Enroll them in the Medicare plan they decide on after a thorough explanation of available options.
  • Answer any and all questions they have year-round (not just when they initially enroll in the plan).
  • Serve as a support system through community resource referrals, connecting them directly to insurance companies, ordering new cards, and more.

To schedule an appointment with one of our expert agents, call (865) 777-0153 or submit a request here. We look forward to welcoming you into the SFG family!  

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