“OK, but how do you get paid?”

How Does Your Agency Get Paid?


Medicare is hard enough to understand on its own, and now agents are saying they can help you at no additional cost…but how can that be?

We all know the word “free” almost never really means free. But when we tell you that being our client is free, we actually mean it. This information is often inevitably followed by the question, “OK, but how do you get paid?” (If you don’t say it, you’re at least thinking it…)

Great question! We love this question.

It is difficult for many people going on Medicare to understand the significance of which Medicare plan they choose. After a working lifetime of being accustomed to having an insurance plan tied to an employer, most people are used to choosing what their insurance will be each year knowing they can change it the next year if it doesn’t go as well as they hoped.

This is not how Medicare functions.

After being on Medicare for a short six months, your ability to change your Medicare coverage can be very limited. If someone has health problems when they first enroll in Medicare or develop health problems when they first enroll in Medicare (or develop any time after that), the original Medicare coverage you choose will likely be the one you have for the rest of your life.

This is what makes our agents’ jobs so important.

Once you have learned about all your Medicare options and decided what type of Medicare plan you want, our agents can assist you with enrolling in that plan.

Here’s how we get paid. 

Our company, Senior Financial Group (SFG), represents every major Medicare plan in the U.S. Each of these companies compensate SFG fairly for helping you through the process of identifying the right plan for you and then enrolling.

Then, Senior Financial Group compensates our agents the same no matter the Medicare plan you enroll in. Thus, our agents do not have a financial incentive to steer you into any particular plan. In fact, they get compensated even if they advise you to stay with your employer coverage because you are still working, or because your spouse needs coverage and they are not yet eligible for Medicare.

Because of this, our agents are able to provide truly unbiased assistance in choosing your Medicare coverage. Consulting with an agent is free as well. You will never be charged or pay a penny for being a Senior Financial Group client and will receive expert assistance year-round.

Our agents would love the opportunity to help you with your Medicare options. To schedule a free consultation with one of our agents, call our office at 865-777-0153 or submit a request here: https://sfgmedicare.com/free-medicare-consultation/.

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