New to Medicare? You're not alone.

For even the savviest consumer, it can be difficult, even frustrating, to figure out how to navigate the Medicare maze. All the parts with different letters, the deadlines and enrollment requirements, terms like “Medigap” and “Donut hole” – it can be hard to keep it all straight, more importantly, know what path is right for you. That’s where we come in.

We know all about Medicare so you don’t have to. 

  • We reduce anxiety and  any confusion by answering all your questions.
  • We are independent which means we don’t work for any insurance company but represent all major plans.
  • We do the comparison shopping for you so you can find comprehensive coverage that meets your needs, your lifestyle, and your budget.
  • We offer FREE online educational workshops designed to provide simple answers to your specific complex questions.

Our services are free of charge and whether you enroll in plan coverage on your own or with our assistance, plan pricing is the same.

Our goal is to simplify the Medicare process by providing unbiased education, personalized insurance assessment, peace of mind, and solutions for healthier lives. All at zero cost!

We Can Help!

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2024 Medicare Open Enrollment Checklist

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