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Karen Hambrick

Benefits Consultant

“In my prior life insurance experience, I was told to just get the client into a plan.  I found that I couldn’t keep it that simple because that wasn’t always best for the client.  It is important to me to understand the needs of the people I am talking with and help them accordingly.  Senior Financial Group has definitely been the right fit for me as they set as a core value the importance of doing what’s best for the client!”

Karen Hambrick and her husband Chris have four children and two sons-in-law.  Their youngest who is in high school keeps them busy with marching band in the fall and pole vaulting in the spring.  They have been in Knoxville a year and a half and enjoy spending time with family who live nearby and being active members of their church community.

Karen’s passion for music led her to pursue a vocal performance degree at Belmont University and she had the opportunity to be a part of some vocal session work in Nashville. She also recently developed an interest in fishing, which she loves to pursue in her free time.


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