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What is a Home Health Care? Why do I need a Short-term Care Policy?

In the event of illness or injury, would you prefer to recover in a facility or at home? Having a Short-term Care (STC) Policy, also known as a Home Health Insurance Policy, gives you a choice when it comes to rehabilitation. STC plans cover injury, stroke, cancer, lung disease, and more. Additionally, you can receive immediate benefit with medication cost reimbursement which helps offset the cost of coverage.

Short-term policies cover home care or assisted living when the beneficiary cannot take care of themself. But instead of paying for years of care, short-term care insurance, also known as recovery care, typically provides benefits for 12 months or less. Most commonly, short-term care insurance is used to cover gaps in Medicare coverage or as an alternative option to inpatient rehab and long-term care insurance.

“In many cases, Short-term Care plans offer medication reimbursement benefits that offset the expense of the plan.”

These plans are a great way to maximize your options when it comes rehabilitation. Contact us to discuss which is the right plan for you.

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