20 yr. old encourages you to “Become Students of Alzheimer’s Disease”

I’ve been lucky to be able to attend several events put on by Alzheimer’s Tennessee within the past few weeks on behalf of my employer, Senior Financial Group. At 20 years old, there’s quite a bit of things I do not know or understand about Alzheimer’s and dementia. After sitting in on hours of lectures about this extremely devastating disease, I’ve become more informed about ways to take care of a suffering loved one and ways to take care of yourself while putting your time and efforts into helping out.

This past Tuesday night I had a personally sad moment related to this disease on my dad’s 53rd birthday. My dad mentioned that he thought this year my grandmother (his mom) would most likely not remember his birthday. I have witnessed her call every year without fail to discuss his plans for the day no matter what. Thought my dad honestly handled it really well, it broke my heart to imagine a day where my own mom would forget it was my birthday. A day that changed her life suddenly slSFG MEDICARE | Alzheimers ipping her mind…

Alzheimer’s disease is a brain disease that progressively destroys memory and thinking skills and progressively alters the ability to carry out the simplest tasks of daily living. Think of how precious an individual’s brain is… all the unique memories, the names and faces, the ability to weigh choices and make your own decisions. The memory of a rich lifetime filled with triumphs, happiness, laughter, joy and even failures, faults, trials and errors slowly slipping away is simply heartbreaking. I can’t imagine the pain this disease has brought the thousands of lives it’s affected but through what I’ve learned, I realize the process can be much easier if you are aware and knowledgeable.

Just like all things in life, there is so much to learn about this disease- how to be a good caregiver, what’s physically happening to the person’s brain and how it’s translating to their ever-changing actions, and ways to slow the effects. I want to encourage everyone to become students of this disease and proactively learn as much as you can about how you can better understand Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Senior Financial Group has many ways to help if you are interested on how you can become better informed. Call us today 865-777-0153 with your questions.

“Communication is important at any age and at any stage of Alzheimer’s disease. People can benefit from loving gestures and touch long after they lose their ability to communicate with words.”

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