2016 Annual Enrollment Period


leavesFall is in full swing! As the leaves start to change, we encourage you to think about the changes your health insurance plan may soon be undergoing, too.



Medicare’s Annual (also known as Open) Enrollment Period is here. With a start date of October 15th and an end date of December 7th, Medicare beneficiaries are in the most advantageous window for health insurance options.

This time frame requires you to take a good, hard look at your current coverage and decide whether your benefits, network, and costs are still working for your lifestyle. Are your health needs changing? Might you need extra help paying for your prescription drugs? Things to consider…

From year to year, several plans change, or even end coverage completely. You should be receiving information from your current provider soon explaining any changes to your benefits and coverage, if not already. The best move to make after reviewing your plan’s updates is to decide whether or not you need to look into something different. Annual Enrollment Period allows beneficiaries to change plans without penalties.

The next step to AEP is success is comparing your options. Medicare highly recommends that you take the chance to get personalized help. That’s why you should caaepll Senior Financial Group this Annual Enrollment Period to set up your free consultation to review your needs and health plan benefits! Be sure to do so before December 7th!

Make your health a priority by choosing the best plan for you.

Seeking professional help can give you a more thorough examination of your options and potential benefits with less effort on your end.


Medicare Guide

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