Crestpoint Medicare Advantage Plan Leaving the Market

Crestpoint Medicare Advantage Plan Leaving the Market


Crestpoint Medicare Advantage plan offered by Mountain State Health Alliance is leaving the Medicare market. MSHA announced Wednesday that the Medicare Advantage plan that they have offered for the past 3 years and covers around 6,000 members has decided to leave the market. The termination of the plan will be effective June 1.

What does that mean for you?

Between now and June 1 those members affected by Crestpoint exiting the market will received a SEP (special election period), giving the member the unique opportunity to choose a new Medicare plan mid-year. If the member does not choose a new plan they will be reverted back to Original Medicare and a prescription drug plan. It is important to explore your options during this time frame, because you can now qualify for a Medicare Supplement with no health questions!

What is next?

SFG wants you to be proactive during this change and make sure that your next plan is the right one for you. Our Insurance Advisors are well versed in all the available Medicare plans offered in the Tri-Cities area and will help you find the best plan to fit your individual needs. Call today to schedule a NO COST in home consultation to find your new Medicare plan today.


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