How Employer-Based Coverage Coordinates with Medicare?

Employer Medicare | Heather Majka CPCU | SFG MedicareEmployer Based Coverage and Medicare

As the baby boomers age and more Americans become eligible for Medicare, there is a great need for information about how employer based coverage coordinates with the Medicare program. It can be challenging for people to figure out how their new Medicare benefits work with their existing health benefits, and often times, employers do not have all the answers.

Common Questions: 

  • Should I apply for Medicare even if I have coverage through my spouse’s work?
  • I am not working now and have Medicare but do I have to enroll in the group’s health plan if I go back to work?
  • How do I coordinate ending my health insurance at work with starting Medicare?
  • I love my job and am still working but am now eligible for Medicare, how will my health benefits change?
  • I really want to purchase a Medicare Advantage plan with a $0 premium instead of paying $238 per month for my health plan through my retirement benefits.  Can I get it back if I change my mind?

These are some great questions that many people who are turning 65 or are about to retire have on their mind.  Human Resource professionals and Benefit Administrators are usually very knowledgeable about company health plan benefits but may not fully understand how their coverage coordinates with Medicare or how Medicare works.

The Association of Legal Administrator’s sought after one of the country’s top Subject Matter Experts, Senior Financial Group’s own, Heather Majka, CPCU.  Heather has volunteered to do a 1 hour presentation that will provide CE credit for over 40,000 Legal Administrator’s across our nation.  “As an Insurance Professional for over 20 years, raising the public awareness regarding Medicare is an undertaking close to my heart! We are instructed as insurance professionals to guide folks to direct all Medicare and employer coverage coordination questions to their Benefits Administrator.  I have attended many meetings with Benefits Administrators and Medicare Beneficiaries only to learn that these professionals were not equipped with the knowledge necessary to guide their employees with all the decisions that they face at this juncture.“  Majka wants to help give HR professionals the knowledge and resources necessary to better advise their employees.  SFG Medicare prides themselves on being a Medicare Insurance leader in their industry. SFG Medicare is an Independent Insurance Agency that will look at your unique health insurance needs, and help you find the best Medicare Plan for the Best Price. 

We guarantee exceptional service, please take advantage of the convenient tools on HERE, and use this quick Medicare Plan Review Worksheet to decide if you should consider changing your plan.


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