Fear of change is really not a fear that we won’t like something new; it is in knowing we are giving up something we have grown comfortable with.


As we all get older we face challenges in life especially in the area of misconceptions about our abilities.  Sometimes our adult children laugh because we struggle a little with our computers or new technology like a smart phone.   Not too long ago my daughter said in a matter of fact manner, “Dad, pushing the GO button on Internet Explorer rapidly will not make the Web page load faster.”  Sometimes we deserve it and sometimes we face a prejudice that is really unfair and uncalled for.  But one area that we really do have a concern about is the “fear of change.”  No matter what age you are, we all have a resistance to change at times.   While young people seem to embrace change, we like things to stay the way they are or at least we think so.

Fear of change is really not a fear that we won’t like something new; it is in knowing we are giving up something we have grown comfortable with.  The fear even grows more when we have either experienced a change that just did not quite work out as well as we thought it would.  Even worse, we hear of a friend who made a change and it was not good.  If the truth be told, we hear just as many good stories about change as we do the bad changes; we just tend to only remember the bad ones.

When it comes to our health and our insurance we like to make a choice and stick with it even if it means I am paying more for it than I have to.  I have many clients who discovered that their options are greater than they imagined.  Better coverage at a lower rate or the same coverage at a lower rate with no change but more money in their pocket each month.   Changes in health insurance law in the last couple of years have created a high level of fear when it comes to exploring other options.   Medicare beneficiaries have more options available to them than any other segment of the population and some of those options will save you money or provide better coverage and protection.

If you are like me, I am more interested in keeping what I have in today’s economy than risking money and losing most of it.  That is understandable considering what we have experienced in the last 10 years, however when it comes to health insurance, with so many options available to those in Medicare, it will pay to just take a look at the options.   For example, if you have a Medicare supplement (Medigap) plan you can often find a much lower monthly premium for the same exact plan.  You get to keep the same doctors, same hospitals; just about everything stays the same except you save money on your premiums and have more money at the end of the month.

By the way if you are using a computer or a smart phone to read this, then you have conquered half the battle of the “fear of change”.   You are on your way to explore new options and you can look back and say “that was not so bad!” 

If we can help in any way, we are available to answer your questions and maybe even share some good questions to ask yourself so that you can know you are getting the best coverage at the best price.

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