Four Ways to Overcome Cold Weather Blues

Four Ways to Overcome Cold Weather Blues

With all the snow and ice, it’s hard not to feel a little down in the dumps. Colder weather has a tendency to leave us feeling less energetic, grumpy, or even depressed. Some even can get Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which is a type of depression related to changes in seasons. Symptoms can start in the fall through the winter and zap your energy and make you feel moody.

Hopefully we’re nearing close to warmer days, but until then, here are a few things to focus on to help lift your spirits until spring arrives.

winter blues

  • Spend Quality Time with Friends

Time with friends can bring laughter, opportunities to vent about any stress or sadness, boosted self-esteem, and positive feelings of companionship. Don’t underestimate the power of interacting with your friends- especially if you do something active together! Being active in the community can work wonders for your mood and winter well-being.

  • Being Aware of Your Diet

With the recent snow/ice days, we have been encouraged to stay in all day and stay off the roads. Sometimes this leads to unhealthy eating habits (I know, I’ve been there). Eating poorly can lead to feeling lethargic and worsen any feelings of depression. Some foods that can positively benefit your mood are turkey, nuts, whole grains, corn, vegetables, rice grain, and organic potatoes.

  • Stay Connected

New research shows that Internet use among seniors can reduce the chances of depression (depression stemming from feelings of isolation) by 30%. Being able to communicate and stay in contact with social networks, especially when trapped inside due to the weather, is crucial to beating winter blues. Try making a Twitter or Facebook account if you don’t have one already to catch up on the latest news or connect with friends (and of course to follow SFG Medicare!).

  • Exercise Regularly

This is no surprise. We all know that exercise is vital to good health and a good mood. With the amount of endorphins you release, your energy levels are bound to increase. ‘Exercise’ doesn’t have to always mean the most intense workout of your life. However, when the weather is cold, even a walk around the neighborhood becomes such a task. However, there are hundreds of things you can do within the comfort of your living room. Have a dance party, do some jumping jacks, anything to get in daily activity. Don’t let the cold kill your workout.

Feel free to share with us your ways to kick the winter blues; we’d love to hear them. Senior Financial Group wishes you a lively and happy [end of] winter!

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