Meet John LaMacchia


Senior Financial Group is happy to introduce our newest team member, John LaMacchia! John, an Ohio native, joined our agent team in November and is already making a positive impact on the lives of many Medicare beneficiaries. Formerly a teacher, John draws on his extensive background in education to first and foremost improve his clients’ overall understanding of the available insurance options in a way that is clear and simple.

He lives by the philosophy “To be early is to be on time. To be on time is to be late. To be late is to be LEFT!”, so you won’t ever catch him running behind. In his free time, John enjoys biking or spending time with his wife Ann and wonderful family. John is a fun-spirited individual with an uncanny ability to make you feel like long-time friends soon after meeting. He has lived in Knoxville for the last 24 years and is happy to call Tennessee part of “home” to him.

We are thrilled to have such a well-rounded advisor join our team. If you would like to meet with John to discuss your insurance coverage options, call our office at (865) 777-0153 to get on his calendar.

Insurance Advisor John LaMacchia
“Always know that my clients’ well-being is my business priority.” – Senior Financial Group Insurance Advisor John LaMacchia

More about John:

Favorite activities: “Cycling and playing music”

Favorite local spot: “K Brew Coffee Shop” (Fun fact: John’s sons own K Brew!)

Favorite TV show: “I don’t own a TV!”

Favorite food: “My grandmother’s spaghetti sauce from her native country, Italy. 100-year-old recipe!”

An ultimate dream(s) of yours: “To take my wife to Scotland and ride across the U.S. … again!”


Medicare/insurance beneficiaries are being overwhelmed by the sales calls and marketing material. Every client I talk to is “over it” regarding the next sales phone call and pushy sales visits. Therefore, we are different because of our approach. One can say we are being fiduciaries. A trustee.

People are quite smart. They understand clear, concise explanations of what is available for their health protection. It is our job simply to relay that information in an easy way for them to digest and choose what’s best for them.

Our care for them is genuine. Our long-term vision for their lives, hoping they will have the best quality of life because of our concern for them, is genuine. “Doing Medicare Differently” does not relate to administrative execution. This motto relates to the difference we make in the life of a person who may have more years behind them than in front.

The Senior Financial Group team is Doing Medicare Differently for the good of our clients and I’m happy to be a part of that.”


Senior Financial Group is proud of our team of professional and personable insurance consultants. Our independent advisors do in-home or in-office appointments that work for your schedule all over Tennessee (and even nationwide via phone). Our team can help you make the most out of your Medicare dollar and be sure you have the best coverage for the most affordable cost.


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