2017 Changes in Social Security – Will It Be There For Me?

2017 Changes in Social Security

Will It Be There For Me?

By: Heather Majka

Social Security Affects the Family

“Will Social Security be there for me when I need it?”

“What are the changes to Social Security for 2017?”

   These are a couple of very important and frequently asked questions among those 50 and older. Now that I am over 40, many of my friends meet this “over 50” criteria. I am known in the community as a Medicare subject matter “expert” so it’s not unusual for my friends and clients to ask me questions related to Social Security as well. For this reason, I decided to learn more about it and thus became Tennessee’s only Certified Social Security Claiming Strategist. CSSCS Certification Logo

After many Social Security driven conversations, Susan Long, the Director of the Knoxville – Knox County CAC Office on Aging, and I naturally began to the recognize the need and develop the idea for quarterly Social Security workshops. Then one morning, while having breakfast with a colleague, the idea clearly manifested. My colleague explained how with all the political discussion and thoughts about retirement in the near future, her, her husband and friends often ended up sharing questions and advice pertaining to Social Security and more when they are out for dinner.

After hearing that, I thought to myself… what if we could share these Social Security questions and experiences over dinner as a community? Plus, in the process, attendees could learn more about the wonderful resources available in our county and how they could get plugged in to help others. So began the development of the upcoming Social Security dinner workshops…

We are very fortunate to have valuable resources that other rural areas do not come by as easily, as well as a tight-knit community that works to give endless educational opportunities. Extraordinary local leaders like George Wallace, Michele Carringer, and Bob Thomas are excited about our program. They are each advocates for the Knox County Office on Aging community education programs, and look forward to seeing how these Social Security seminars will aid our community. After I met with Mr. Bob Thomas, I received a handwritten note a couple of days later. When I thanked him at the 2017 O’Connor Senior Center Pancake Fest, he remarked that taking the time to spread some kind words is more important than ever. My sentiments exactly.

By hearing others’ personal experiences and receiving my professional advice and recommendations, you will be confident in your Social Security/retirement decisions.

So here’s the scoop:    

When you join us for dinner and wine, you will hear the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Social Security such as:

  • When should I apply for Social Security benefits?
  • How much will my monthly Social Security benefit be?
  • How will my Social Security benefit be affected if I am married or was previously married?
  • What if my spouse or ex spouse is deceased?
  • How will my continued work impact my current or potential Social Security benefit?
  • How will my Social Security benefits affect my taxes?
  • How will working affect my Social Security benefits?
  • Even worse, what if I filed for Social Security and now I need to change how I filed?

In addition to that, I will be available to educate attendees on how you can afford your health care costs while getting the best available care – something I’ve been deeply passionate about for the last 10 years I have worked for Senior Financial Group.

This will not be a traditional classroom lecture. I will be sharing stories of those that I have helped throughout the years, including that of my own grandmother. You will have the opportunity to ask your questions anonymously by submitting them on an index card toward the end of the presentation. Questions will be welcomed during the presentation as well.

The first workshop is on Tuesday, March 28th from 5:00 – 7:00 pm and will be held at Northshore Senior Living (8804 S. Northshore Drive). There is no cost to attend. Dinner will be served at 5:00. Seats are limited, so please call the Senior Information Referral Service at 865-546-6262 to reserve your spot today or register online here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/changes-in-social-security-will-it-be-there-when-i-need-it-tickets-32545663957.

2017 social security changes workshop
Social Security Planning workshop at Northshore Senior Living and Oakwood Senior Living in Knoxville, TN.


Heather Majka

Heather Majka

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