UTK Students Raise Money for the Humane Society of Tennessee Valley!

SFG Medicare is proud to help a great group of students at UTK Raise Money for the Humane Society of Tennessee Valley!

Do you think you or someone you love could use a something new to lift your spirits? It’s been proven by several studies that pets can do the trick, especially when it comes to senior citizens. Pets can help elderly owners live healthier, happier, and longer lives for a multitude of reasons.

Owning a pet can increase activity levels, whether by walking a dog a couple times a day or playing with your cat, all activity can better one’s cardiovascular system, as well as keep joints flexible. Studies have shown that when people just simply pet animals their heart rate, temperature, and blood pressure decrease.

Companionship from a pet can help counter depression, which is a prevalent medical problem seniors often face. Pets can help their owner’s cope better with stress as well. Additionally, the responsibility of caring for an animal can provide a sense of purpose and help senior citizens stick to a regular routine which can motivate them to eat and sleep regularly.

Senior Financial Group aims to help better the lives of our clients, even outside of their health insurance plans. Since we believe in the power pets have to increase activity, handle stress better, and lead to better overall health of their owners, we recently invested in trying to help our local animal shelter, The Humane Society of the Tennessee Valley.

The Humane Society does a wonderful job in our community matching furry friends with loving new homes. If you think someone you know may benefit from owning a pet, SFG encourages you to share the many ways adopting an animal can positively affect them.

Here’s a video from a group of students from the University of Tennessee that we teamed up with to help make an impact in our Knoxville community. SFG cares about you!

Humane Society Tennessee | SFG Medicare

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